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Why Overpay For Sharps Disposal?

Traditional regulated medical waste disposal companies were not designed for Small Quality Generators (SQG) like a dental office.

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WasteWise products are less than a third of the cost of traditional regulated waste disposal

Everything you need to collect, treat and dispose of sharps waste is included, no hidden fees, no contracts to sign. Simply fill with sharps (needles, blades, endo files, empty carpules and any other potential sharps), when full, the ‘catalyst’ packs are added causing the liquid to heat and convert into solid plastic polymer, safely encapsulating and rendering the sharps destroyed and unusable; making them safe for the regular trash. It’s that easy!

Isolyser/SMS Sharps Disposal Family

How can this happen?

Stericycle vs Isolyser/SMS

“A class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on April 3, 2013, accuses Stericycle of illegally increasing the amount it charged customers by as much as 18 percent a year.”

“According to the complaint, filed April 3, 2013, Stericycle instead raises prices automatically, programming its billing system to regularly increase rates regardless of any external conditions.”

“The named plaintiff, Lyndon Veterinary Clinic, contracted with Stericycle but saw its charges increase 21.1 percent in 2009, 17.8 percent in 2010, and 25.4 percent in 2012.”

The medical waste giant acknowledged the lawsuit in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, saying the suit comes after the company settled a similar complaint out of New York state.

“In the previous case against Stericycle, United States ex rel. Perez v. Stericycle, Inc., Perez’s supervisors routinely admitted that they were aware that Stericycle’s practices were improper with respect to the governmental accounts, yet Stericycle continued these practices with its smaller, individual clients, court documents claim.”

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Dental assistant with patient

I love your Isolyser/SMS system and am thrilled when I find it in use in the clinics I consult with and recommend it to those that aren’t yet using it. The SMS provides an economical, easy and SAFE solution for the age-old problems of sharps disposal. We love your products and services. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

dental assistant with smiling patient

Your products are very easy to use and we love conveniently using the regular trash for disposal (you also explained that collection companies ultimately dispose of collected waste at the same disposal site as our 'regular' trash). We save a great deal of money compared to the old fashioned collection service we were using. Your support staff is excellent!

Dentist with patient looking at x-ray

Thank you for offering a convenient way to treat our waste in office for on-site disposal. We love that your products are simple to use and safe for our entire office.

Dentist with patient

I thought the video was great and gave me a better understanding of waste disposal and how to sell your products. Thanks!

dental assistant examining patient

So much more convenient than my old waste collection service and half the price; save the cash and use the trash!

Dental assistant with patient

We like your products because we know they are safer for our Environment. Your products are convenient for our practice. Thank you!!

dental assistant with smiling patient

I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about selling a new product! My customers have been asking for cost saving alternatives. This will not only save money but the fact you can just dispose of in the regular trash is fantastic!!

Dentist with patient looking at x-ray

Your products are convenient for our small practice. We love the low cost and the fact that we can dispose of at our leisure.

Dentist with patient

This is very interesting. These products not only simplify what the office is already doing but takes care of the disposal process in an environmental friendly way. I look forward to introducing WCM's solutions to the offices I visit.

dental assistant examining patient

In each instance, the WCM products have been easy to use (actually fun!) and have saved our office money versus traditional disposal methods. These are great products!