WasteWise Disposal and Recycling Products

OSHA Consultants are Here for You

Helping You Stay Compliant

At WCM, we work with hand-in-hand with many OSHA Consultants across the country to ensure our users stay regulation compliant. Below is a list of consultants that have clinical experience working with WasteWise products, as well as Federal and Local regulations concerning workplace safety, including OSHA, and proper management of regulated waste.

If you know of an OSHA Consultant who is not on our list, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to contact them.


Leslie Canham – Leslie Canham & Associates

Jill Obrochta, RDH, BS – Dental Enhancements

The Linda Harvey Group – Linda Harvey Group

Mary Govoni – Mary Govoni & Associates


Lisa Saiia – dentassist

Joy Howard – DentalEd, Inc.

Tom Terry – Tom Terry Inc.

Jon Rudin, DDS – San Diego Healthcare Compliance


John Cordes – Rightway Consulting


Diana T. Fallon – Shelby EHS Northeast


Tracy Wale – Compliance Alliance, LLC


Chery Kendrick, DVM – Kendrick Technical Services

Olivia Wann – Modern Practice Solutions


Kayce Hollingsworth – Dental OSHA Compliance Services

Do you know of an OSHA Consultant who isn’t on our list?

Simply fill out this form, and we'll do the rest.