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RXGON Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal

Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal


Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Made Easy

Full, expired or partially full dental anesthetic carpules are classified as pharmaceutical waste and must be disposed of properly. RXGON®m is the easiest and least expensive way to properly handle pharmaceutical disposal. RXGON®m also generates the smallest carbon footprint because it’s collected by trucks already visiting your office.

RXGON®m comes with everything you need to properly dispose of non-hazardous, non-controlled pharmaceutical waste; such as, full and partially full dental anesthetic carpules: collection container, packaging including pre-paid return shipping, treatment, and disposal.

How It Works

RXGON Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal Step 1: Fill


Fill with non-hazardous, non-controlled pharma waste; such as full, partially-full and/or expired carpules.

RXGON Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal Step 2: Package


When full, package and attach Pre-paid UPS label.

Amalgon Amalgam Recycling Step 3: Ship


Give to your UPS Driver – It’s that easy!

Available Size


Product Size & Specs

Container Size: 0.8 Gallons (3.3 Liters)

Dimensions: 5″w x 9.5″h x 5″d

Wall/Cabinet Lockable Mount available – WMU2400

Pharmaceutical Disposal Made Easy

1/3 the cost of traditional pick-up companies

No Contracts or Hidden fees

Purchase from your Supply Rep

Key Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions about RXGONm

  • How does RXGONm work?
    RXGONm Easy Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal Video

    Please click the image above to watch our video.

    RXGONm is for disposal of full and partially full dental anesthetic carpules, as well as unwanted pharmaceuticals. When your RXGONm container is full, print the shipping label from our website, attach it to the shipping box and give it to your UPS driver or drop it off at a UPS drop-off  location. Broken carpules are sharps waste and may NOT be placed in RXGONm, use Isolyser/SMS or Isolyser SMSm for proper disposal.

    Learn more about RXGONm

  • What kind of pharmaceutical waste can be placed in RXGONm?

    Unbroken dental anesthetic carpules and non-controlled, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste may be placed in the RXGONm container.

    RXGONm Easy Dental Carpule and Unwanted Pharma Disposal Video

    Please click the image above to watch our video

  • How do I order RXGONm for my practice?
    You can easily order RXGONm from your regular medical supply company, or simply fill out our convenient ORDER form here and we will pass it along to your Supply Rep. A partial list of our distribution partners is available here.
  • Why is RXGONm better than hiring a waste pick-up company?
    RXGONm is less expensive (about 1/3 the cost) and there are NO contracts to sign or hidden fees! Waste pick-up companies use antiquated systems, including large trucks dedicated to a single job i.e. collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of relatively small amounts of pharmaceutical waste. By comparison RXGONm is disposed of using the UPS truck already visiting your office, it’s a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of carpules and unwanted pharmaceuticals.