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Aldehyde Disposal


You Save up to 70% Compared To Collection Services.

Eliminate the cost of hazardous waste collection, transportation and disposal. Our ALDEX Aldehyde Disposal products neutralize aldehydes (10% Formalin and 4% Glutaraldehyde) at 1:16 ratio rendering them non-hazardous. This is an important weight reduction option for hazardous weight generation in states that allow conditionally exempt small quantity generator (CESQG) status for healthcare facilities.

How It Works

Aldex Aldehyde Disposal Step 1: Fill


You can fill with cold sterile, glutaraldehyde, etc

Aldex Aldehyde Disposal Step 2: Treat


Once the container is full, use liquid or crystals to neutralize.

Aldex Aldehyde Disposal Step 3: Trash

Trash or Drain

Either pour down the drain or throw in the trash. It’s that easy!

Available Sizes

Aldex Aldehyde Disposal Family

Product Sizes

Most Popular Size: AMS 1010

Size: 2.5 Gallons

Crystal – Treats 2.5 Gallons

Dimensions: 8.57″w x 14.75″h x 6.25″d 

AMS 3010

Size: 1000g

Crystal – Treats 7.5 Gallons

Dimensions: 5″dia. x 6.5″h


Size: 8 ounces

Liquid – Treats 1Gallon


Size: 1 Gallon

Liquid – Treats 15 Gallons

Dimensions: 6″dia. x 12″h

Simple & Effective​

ALDEX Aldehyde Disposal products neutralize and crosslink 10% formalin or up to 4% glutaraldehyde and convert it into a non-toxic, non-hazardous end-product that can be safely disposed of ‘down the drain’ with our liquid product, or placed in your regular trash with our crystalline powder product.

ALDEX also reduces exposure to potentially hazardous vapor emanating from most aldehydes.

Peace of Mind

AHA Sustainability Roadmap suggests alternative strategy for hazardous waste management.

Reduce your organization’s chemical footprint with environmentally sound management chemicals like formalin, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde.

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Key Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions about Aldex

  • What is Aldex?
    Aldex Family

    Aldex/AMS Aldehyde Management System neutralizes Aldehyde wastes such as Glutaraldehyde, Formalin and Formaldehyde.

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  • Why is Aldex the best choice for onsite Aldehyde treatment?
    Aldex is the most concentrated neutralizer available for aldehyde treatment. In a side-by-side comparison, our patented formula effectively neutralizes TWO to THREE TIMES the amount of Aldehydes using the same amount of product. This means you save nearly 50% per treated gallon compared to other neutralizing products. Aldex neutralizer is simply the most convenient, safe, time and money-saving Aldehyde waste management method available. In addition, the United States EPA has directed onsite generators to use Aldex like solutions to neutralize their Aldehyde waste before disposal.
  • How does Aldex work?
    Aldex Easy Aldehyde Disposal Video

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    Aldex neutralizes and crosslinks used 10% formalin (or up to 4% glutaraldehyde), and converts the liquid into a non-toxic, non-hazardous waste. Once neutralized, it is safe to dispose of treated waste either down the drain using our liquid neutralizer or in your regular trash using our crystalline/powder neutralizer.

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  • How do I use Aldex?
    Aldex Easy Aldehyde Disposal Video

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    Two different neutralizing formulas are available; liquid and crystalline. To use the liquid version, read and follow directions on the container. Add 1 part Aldex liquid to 15 parts Aldehydes. For example, the GL1 (8) ounce bottle neutralizes (1) Gallon of Aldehydes. After mixing is complete and sufficient time has passed, the neutralized liquid is safe for drain disposal. To use the crystalline version, read and follow directions on the container. For the AMS1010, simply pour Aldehydes in the 2.5 Gallon container. The patented powder neutralizes and solidifies the liquid, making it safe for regular trash disposal. Additional Aldehydes may be added over time. Both liquid and crystalline products are available in several sizes and can be used for spill clean-up or bulk neutralizing.

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  • What are the benefits of using Aldex?
    • Reduce disposal cost by 50%, or more compared to hazardous waste pick-up company prices – lowest available cost per gallon.
    • More convenient than storing waste waiting for old style waste pick-up company.
    • Reduces potentially hazardous vapors associated with Aldehydes by neutralizing them immediately versus storing vapor-emitting waste waiting for a pick-up.
    • Helps you exceed OSHA standards for exposure.
    • Order from your supply company; no contracts, separate invoices and unnecessary interruptions for waste collection.
  • Is Aldex acceptable for use in my state?
    Yes, although a treatment permit may be required. Check your local regulation or call us for help. Water districts have authority concerning effluent disposal. We are unaware of any State or water district that does not allow generators to neutralize Aldehydes with Aldex.
  • Is Aldex acceptable for use in California?
    Aldex may be used to neutralize formalin and formaldehyde in the State of California. Hazardous glutaraldehyde waste must be treated before disposal. Treating less than 55 gallons of hazardous glutaraldehyde waste per month requires a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Treatment (CESQT) permit; treating more than 55 gallons per month would require a Permit by Rule (PBR). Both types of permit are issued by your local Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) (See “How do I get a permit in California?” below). Annual permit fees are less than collection costs and treating in office with the Aldex reduces the liability associated with collection/transportation of hazardous aldehyde wastes. For formaldehyde and formalin wastes, the State of California has eliminated its certification process for neutralizers due to budget constraints and has advised us that there are currently no “certified” aldehyde neutralizer products available in the State; therefore, all generators should obtain a permit before using any neutralizer including Aldex. The State of California also allows for the use of Aldex to treat non-hazardous glutaraldehyde waste without a permit. Call us for help regarding California or read on; glutaraldehyde waste degrades after activation and most likely will become non-hazardous within the allowed hazardous waste accumulation time. Generators should contact their glutaraldehyde product manufacturer for degradation time information to determine when their glutaraldehyde formula will become non-hazardous. As long as the degradation occurs unaided by the generator (i.e. no addition of heat, chemicals other than glycine, aeration or otherwise), and it occurs within the generator’s allowed accumulation time, and the degraded glutaraldehyde waste is no longer hazardous as determined by the generator, the generator can then use Aldex without a permit to safely dispose of their waste.
  • How do I get a permit in California?
    To apply for a hazardous waste treatment permit or “Standardized Permit” to treat aldehydes in your office using Aldex, generators located in California should visit the California Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) directory here: http://cersapps.calepa.ca.gov/Public/Directory/. Once there, click on “County” to find the contact for your area.  Contact your county CUPA and ask for the hazardous waste specialist responsible for generator authorization for onsite treatment of this hazardous waste.