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    Our labels are color-coded according to their method of disposal.

    Regular Trash

    US Postal Service


    Drain Disposal


    Do you have Sharps Waste?  Order Isolyser/SMS or SMSm:

    Isolyser/SMS Family

    Approved for Use*

    Isolyser®/SMS® - Unique sharps disposal product renders sharps treated, unusable and safe for regular trash disposal.* Replace your expensive waste collection service. Locking wall mount available.


    .8 Liter


    (Twin Pack)



    3.3 Liters





    10.9 Liters




    Use our MAILBACK Isolyser/SMSm product in the following states: CT, FL, DE, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI and VA.


    Isolyser/SMSm Family

    Approved for Use*

    Isolyser®/SMS®m - Convenient mail-back disposal for sharps and other approved waste. Includes sharps container, mailing carton, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal.


    3.3 Liters


    (Twin Pack)



    10.9 Liters





    Do you have Red Bag Medical Waste?  Order Isolyser/SMSm 5G or 18G:

    Isolyser/SMSm 5G and 18G

    Approved for Use*

    Isolyser®/SMS®m 5G & 18G - Red bag Medical Waste disposal and sharps container clean-up. Includes container, mailing carton, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal.

    SMSm 18G

    18 Gallon





    Do you REMOVE Amalgam? You NEED to order   Amalgon:

    Amalgon Family


    Amalgon® - Compliant recycling of chair-side traps, vacuum filters, screens, capsules, amalgam-contaminated teeth, and scrap amalgam. Includes storage container, packaging, prepaid UPS shipping label and recycling.

    Amalgon 5

    5 Gallons




    Mercury recycling provided by the world's leading recycler.


    Do you use Traditional X-Ray Processing?  Order Chemgon and Foilgon:

    Chemgon Family

    Approved for Use

    Chemgon® - Renders used x-ray processing liquids non-hazardous, safe for regular trash disposal.†

    Chemgon 5

    5 Gallons




    † Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit required in California only.




    Foilgon® - Lead foil recycling. Includes storage container, prepaid UPS shipping label and recycling.


    Do you use Cold-Sterile or Glutaraldehyde?  Order Aldex:

    Aldex Family

    Approved for Use*

    Aldex® - Safely converts Aldehydes into a non-toxic, non-hazardous waste, safe for drain disposal.

    Aldex GL15

    Liquid – Treats 15 Gallons




    AMS 1010

    Crystal – Treats 2.5 Gallons




    AMS 3010

    Crystal – Treats 7.5 Gallons





    Do you have full, partially-full, or expired dental carpules?  Order RXGONm:


    Approved for use

    RXGON®m - Convenient mail-back disposal for full, partially-full, or expired dental carpules. Includes container, mailing carton, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal.


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