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Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal Family

Mail-back Sharps Disposal


Reduce medical waste disposal costs by 70%​

Replace your expensive waste pick-up company with the Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal System. Our mail-back sharps disposal product costs the same as our Isolyser/SMS self-disposal products. Isolyser/SMSm provides you with the convenience of managing your sharps disposal with products ordered from your current supply rep in areas where in-office treatment is not permitted (the following states:
CT, DE, FL, ME, MD, MN, NH, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VA.)

How It Works

Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal Step 1: Fill


You can fill with needles, endo files, broken carpules, scalpel blades, etc.

Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal Step 2: Package


Once the container is full, place in provided plastic bag and close with tie. Place the bag into the Return Shipping Box and seal with provided tape.

Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal Step 3: Mail


Give to your Postal Carrier. It’s that easy!

Available Sizes​

SMSm Family

Product Sizes & Specs

Most Popular Size: SMS4000m

Size: 1.5 Gallons (5.8 Liters)

Dimensions: 9″w x 9.5″h x 6.5″d

Wall/Cabinet Lockable Mount available – WMU4000

SMS2400m Twin Pack 

Size: 0.8 Gallons (3.3 Liters) x two (2)

Dimensions: 5″w x 9.5″h x 5″d (each)

Wall/Cabinet Lockable Mount available – WMU2400


Size: 2.7 Gallons (10.9 Liters)

Dimensions: 9″w x 14.5″h x 6.5″d 

Simple and Effective​

Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal includes everything you need to dispose of sharps and other approved waste: sharps container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal. There’s nothing more to buy, no contract to sign, no separate invoice or hidden fees.

It's That Easy!

For your convenience, our products are available exclusively from your supply company. No extra vendors interrupting your office and impacting production. A partial list of our distributor partners is available here.
After receiving Isolyser®/SMS®m from your supply company, fill the container with needles and other sharps. When full, place the container inside it’s original box and give the box to your mailman. Your sharps are delivered to our facility and we take care of treatment and disposal.

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Key Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions about Isolyser/SMSm

  • What is the Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal System?
    Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal Family

    Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal is the most convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of sharps or small amounts of red bag medical waste. Each product includes: sharps storage container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal. No waste collection service is needed. Simply fill, package, and give to your regular Postal worker.

    Learn more about Isolyser/SMSm

  • How does Isolyser/SMSm work?
    Isolyser/SMSm Easy Mail-back Sharps Disposal Video

    Please click the image above to watch our video

    Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Container completely replaces the expensive and outdated sharps disposal waste pick-up company. Simply order from your supply company and place needles, syringes, other sharps and red bag medical waste in the Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal container. When full, package the container as instructed and give to your mailman. The US Postal Service will deliver your package to us for treatment and disposal. Isolyser/SMSm is the ideal product for Medical, Dental and Veterinary offices.

    Watch our Easy Product Tutorial to learn more.

  • How do I order Isolyser/SMSm for my practice?

    Order Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal from your regular supply company. A partial list of our distribution partners is available here.

  • Why is Isolyser/SMSm better than hiring a sharps disposal waste pick-up company?
    Sharps disposal waste pick-up companies use antiqued systems, including large trucks dedicated to a single job i.e. collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of relatively small amounts of sharps waste. By comparison Isolyser/SMSm is disposed of using the mail truck already visiting your office. It’s a more efficient and environmentally friendly way for sharps disposal.
  • Are wall or cabinet mounts available?

    Yes, locking wall mount units are available for the following products and sizes:

    • Isolyser/SMS Sizes:
      •  SRS800: WMU800 wall mount unit
      • 2400: WMU2400 wall mount unit
      • 4000: WMU4000 –wall mount unit
    • Isolyser/SMSm Sizes:
      • 2400m: WMU2400 wall mount unit
      • 4000m: WMU4000 –wall mount unit
    • RXGONm Sizes:
      • WMU2400 wall mount unit
    Isolyser/SMS Sharps Disposal Family with WMUs
    Isolyser/SMS Sharps Disposal
    SMSm Family
    Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal
    RXGONm with WMU
    RXGONm Pharmaceutical Disposal