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You can fill with needles, endo files, broken carpules, scalpel blades, etc.



Once full, add proprietary A & B catalyst packets to the patented, odor-free liquid plastic monomer inside each container. Let solidify. After curing, the liquid monomer solidifies into a polymeric matrix, the contents encapsulated, are rendered unrecognizable and unusable.



Following encapsulation, dispose of solidified containers in your regular trash.



You Decide: Traditional Sharps Container or Isolyser®/SMS

We decided to show how safe our Isolyser®/SMS® product really is by running over it with a large truck and recording the results. We also ran over a Traditional Sharps Container to show how un-safe the plastic red containers could really be.

Isolyser®/SMS® is not only a better choice for you and the environment, but also a better choice for disposal workers by preventing potential exposures to sharps.

Exceeding the Highest Treatment Efficacy Standard

To confirm its effectiveness, we contracted the services of Dr. Ira Salkin, one of the world’s leading consultants in the field of medical waste treatment technologies and the author of the STAATT III (State and Territorial Association on Alternate Treatment Technologies) Executive Summary.
The STAATT III Executive Summary is the benchmark for determining the efficacy of medical waste treatment technologies. STAATT III is considered the ‘gold standard’.

Dr. Ira Salkin performed efficacy testing and determined Isolyser®/SMS® exceeds the most stringent treatment standards contained in STAATT III.

This effectiveness gives users of Isolyser®/SMS® peace of mind knowing potentially infectious waste never leaves their offices.

 “The comprehensive efficacy test results, performed in 2011, clearly demonstrated that the Isolyser/SMS Sharps Management System prevented the growth of potential pathogens such that the medical waste, i.e. sharps, no longer posed a danger to human health and the environment, per STAATT guidance, making Isolyser/SMS safe for regular trash disposal, as allowed by state regulations.”

Dr. Ira Salkin, author of the STAATT III

Preventing Infection

Isolyser®/SMS® is the only sharps disposal product that ensures potentially infectious sharps never leave your office. Our in-office treatment system is the original “Alternative Treatment Technology,” designed specifically for smaller quantity generators such as dental, medical and veterinary offices.


Reduce sharps disposal costs by 70%*

Replace your expensive waste pick-up company with the Isolyser®/SMS® Sharps Management System. It’s easy to start using Isolyser®/SMS®, simply order from your supply rep along with your other back office supplies.

Use Isolyser®/SMS®m in the following states:


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Let Us Help

The WasteWise Way

The WasteWise® Way is all about efficiency. WasteWise® products are disposed of by trucks (trash, ups, usps) already visiting your office, eliminating a fleet of trucks used exclusively for things like sharps disposal.

The WasteWise® Way also eliminates the need for off-site treatment, like incineration. This, combined with less transportation, means you:

• spend a lot LESS

• generate a much smaller carbon footprint

• reduce liability – your waste is treated before leaving your office

Thank you for helping us eliminate millions of pounds of greenhouse gas and turning kids’ wishes into reality by granting us the ability to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

Key Benefits

  • Easy To Order
  • Easy To Use
  • A Lot Less Expensive
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Vendors
  • Untreated Sharps Never Leave Office
  • Smallest Carbon Footprint


  • "I have been promoting these products to my customers for years with much success. The company is great to deal with and the products speak for themselves. It is a terrific line that everyone should take advantage of!"
    ~ Elaine M., Sales Rep


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