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I have an amalgam separator, do I also need Amalgon, and what do I do with my used separator filter/cartridge?


An amalgam separator is used in conjunction with Amalgon, so YES you need Amalgon. The separator filter/cartridge catches the invisible amalgam dust in your vacuum line effluent preventing mercury pollution from entering our drinking water. The amalgam separator filter/cartridge must be exchanged per manufacturer directions. Once exchanged the used filter/cartridge must be returned to the amalgam separator manufacturer. Typically the separator manufacturer will send you a new filter/cartridge upon receipt of your spent filter/cartridge. Use Amalgon for contact and non-contact amalgam, your chair side traps, vacuum pump filters, screens, capsules, amalgam-contaminated teeth and scrap amalgam. By using an amalgam separator, and regularly changing the filter, in conjunction with Amalgon you eliminate the possibility of mercury entering our environment.

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