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How do I use Aldex?

Aldex Easy Aldehyde Disposal Video

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Two different neutralizing formulas are available; liquid and crystalline. To use the liquid version, read and follow directions on the container. Add 1 part Aldex liquid to 15 parts Aldehydes. For example, the GL1 (8) ounce bottle neutralizes (1) Gallon of Aldehydes. After mixing is complete and sufficient time has passed, the neutralized liquid is safe for drain disposal. To use the crystalline version, read and follow directions on the container. For the AMS1010, simply pour Aldehydes in the 2.5 Gallon container. The patented powder neutralizes and solidifies the liquid, making it safe for regular trash disposal. Additional Aldehydes may be added over time. Both liquid and crystalline products are available in several sizes and can be used for spill clean-up or bulk neutralizing.

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