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Do I need to treat my fixer or photographic chemistry before disposal?


YES. The concentration of silver in used photo-processing chemicals is typically between 160-350 Parts per Million (PPM). Mixing with developer reduces the silver PPM by nearly half, between 80 – 175 PPM. The Federal EPA Hazardous Waste RCRA Regulations define hazardous amounts of silver as greater than 5 PPM. This means used, untreated processing chemicals are hazardous. Spent processing waste treated with Chemgon® reduces the PPM below the regulatory limit of 5 PPM and converts it from a liquid to a “solid” non-pourable, non-hazardous waste, safe for regular trash disposal. See EPA Document Table 1. Fines for improper disposal could be as much as $22,000 PER OCCURRENCE. In other words, each time silver-laden processing chemicals or silver reclamation unit liquid residue wastes are poured down the drain, the fine could cost you $22,000.

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