WasteWise Disposal and Recycling Products

Are wall or cabinet mounts available?


Yes, locking wall mount units are available for the following products and sizes:

  • Isolyser/SMS Sizes:
    •  SRS800: WMU800 wall mount unit
    • 2400: WMU2400 wall mount unit
    • 4000: WMU4000 –wall mount unit
  • Isolyser/SMSm Sizes:
    • 2400m: WMU2400 wall mount unit
    • 4000m: WMU4000 –wall mount unit
  • RXGONm Sizes:
    • WMU2400 wall mount unit
Isolyser/SMS Sharps Disposal Family with WMUs
Isolyser/SMS Sharps Disposal
SMSm Family
Isolyser/SMSm Mail-back Sharps Disposal
RXGONm Pharmaceutical Disposal

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