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The WasteWise® Way is all about efficiency. WasteWise® products are disposed of by trucks (trash, ups, usps) already visiting your office, eliminating a fleet of trucks used exclusively for things like sharps disposal.

The WasteWise® Way also eliminates the need for off-site treatment, like incineration. This, combined with less transportation, means you:

• spend a lot LESS

• generate a much smaller carbon footprint

• reduce liability – your waste is treated before leaving your office

Thank you for helping us eliminate millions of pounds of greenhouse gas and turning kids’ wishes into reality by granting us the ability to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

There is a better way… The WasteWise® Way.

Gregg Short, Founder/CEO

Watch our fantastic video, and learn why The WasteWise® Way is “A Better Way.”

Sales, Marketing and Distribution

The WasteWise® Way is also built into our marketing and sales methods. Our products are available exclusively through the Supply Company you’re already buying supplies from, meaning you order and pay for WasteWise® products along with your other supplies.

Our distributor sales support methods match the efficiencies built into our products and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the sales support without reducing the convenience and quality of the support!

We support our distribution partners 24/7 by utilizing online videos for training and support. We attend sales meetings via video conferencing. Our videos are informative, fun to watch and can be shared with your customers during an office visit on your phone or via email.

Our support methods and videos are like having a co-travel partner in your pocket 24/7.



Join the tens of thousands of healthcare professionals who choose WasteWise® products, the better choice for disposal and recycling.

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