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You can fill with Chair-side traps, Vacuum filters, Screens, Capsules, Amalgam-contaminated teeth, and Scrap amalgam.
No Sorting Required!



Once the container is full, or within 12 months, place in provided plastic bag and close with tie.  Place the bag into the Return Shipping Box and attach pre-paid UPS label.





Give to your UPS delivery driver. It’s that easy!



Dental amalgam is comprised of nearly 50% Mercury, along with silver and other metals. Dental amalgam is hazardous and must be disposed of correctly, not in the regular trash or rinsed “down the drain.”


Protect the Environment

EPA studies show nearly 50% of mercury in public wastewater treatment systems comes from dental offices. If you remove or place amalgam, your office generates hazardous, amalgam-contaminated waste that must be disposed of separate from your regular waste.

Fortunately, amalgam-contaminated items are a “Universal Waste,” meaning they can be recycled without a permit, avoiding the hassle and expense of registering as a hazardous waste generator and hiring an expensive hazardous waste pick-up company.

Click here for EPA information: Dental Amalgam

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Avoid Fines for Improper Disposal

Federal regulations prohibit improper disposal of hazardous waste. Not following these regulations can result in fines and other penalties. In addition to Federal regulations, several states have passed rules concerning the proper management of amalgam-contaminated items.
Fines for improper disposal of hazardous waste are expensive and easy to avoid when you use Amalgon® to recycle amalgam-contaminated items.

Federal Regulations Limit Accumulation and Storage Time

Federal regulation, 40 CFR 273.15, prohibits accumulation of Universal Waste for more than 12 months. This means when you place the first item in the Amalgon® container you have 12 months to continue to accumulate amalgam contaminated items, then return Amalgon®, whether full or not, using the pre-paid UPS shipping label to our recycler.


Managing Dental Amalgam Made Easy

You’ll receive everything you need for proper disposal of all amalgam-contaminated items, per ADA’s Best Management Practice (BMP’s). There’s nothing more to buy, no contract to sign, no separate invoices or hidden fees.

Key Benefits

No Separating or Sorting Required

Amalgon® is the only amalgam-recycling product that allows you to place both contact and non-contact amalgam in the same container:

  • Chair-side traps
  • Vacuum filters
  • Screens
  • Capsules
  • Amalgam-contaminated teeth
  • Scrap amalgam
This means no sorting is required, saving you time, space and money.

  • "Your products are very easy to use and we love conveniently using the regular trash for disposal (you also explained that collection companies ultimately dispose of collected waste at the same disposal site as our 'regular' trash). We save a great deal of money compared to the old fashioned collection service we were using. Your support staff is excellent!!"
    ~ Sabrina, Dr. Garcia's Office


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