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RXGON®m now available for pharmaceutical disposal
Order Wastewise® products with your regular supplies and eliminate extra invoices
Sharps disposal for about $40 per month
Save about 70% – Use the Savings to buy new Equipment
FREE Sharps Disposal for new users
No Contracts or Hidden Fees
Safer & Easier
Smallest Carbon Footprint
Unlike Red Sharps Containers – No Foul Odors with Isolyser®/SMS®
Manufactured using Solar Energy
Scratcher card included with products, win up to $1,000  
Supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation®

Sharps Disposal with Isolyser/SMS

Pharmaceutical Disposal - RXGONm

Amalgam Recycling - AMALGON

Red Bag Disposal - Isolyser/SMSm






*estimate, actual pricing may vary.


Easy as 1-2-3  Buy from your regular Supply Company Learn More

Safer – Sharps are treated before leaving your Office Learn More

Compliance Guaranteed – Peace of mind Learn More

Cheaper – 70% Less, up to $300,000 Life-Time Savings Learn More

Free Sharps Disposal – for new users Learn More

Buy EQUIPMENT with the Savings Learn More

No Contracts or Hidden Fees Learn More

Smallest Carbon Footprint Learn More

Free Cost Comparison Contact Us

Testimonials Learn More


See why Wastewise® products are ‘A Better Way’

The WasteWise Way

The WasteWise® Way is all about efficiency. WasteWise® products are manufactured using solar power and disposed of by trucks (trash, ups, usps) already visiting your office, eliminating trucks used exclusively for things like sharps disposal. Less transportation and no off-site treatment, like incineration, means you:

• spend a lot LESS

• generate a much smaller carbon footprint

• reduce your liability because waste is treated before leaving your office

Thank you for helping us eliminate millions of pounds of greenhouse gas and turning kids’ wishes into reality by granting us the ability to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

Gregg Short, Founder/CEO

They end up at the SAME Disposal Site

Whether you use a red sharps container or Isolyser®/SMS®, they both eventually end up at the same disposal site. The big difference is how many miles they are driven before arriving.

WCM, Inc. Manufacturing Facility uses Solar Energy

Manufactured using Solar Energy

Save With WasteWise®

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees

“March of 2013, a class action complaint was filed against Stericycle in the United Stated District Court of Western Pennsylvania.The complaint alleges Stericycle targeted small quantity generators (SQGs [like dental offices]) with a billing practice referred to as Automatic Price Increases (APIs), which increased costs to SQGs by 18% every nine months.”*

A typical dental office, with an 18% increase every nine months, means they’ll be paying $4792 per month after 20 years. Click here to see the math.

Click here for complete case study analysis.

Have you looked at your Sharps Disposal Invoice lately… Be sure you’re sitting down.

You could save up to $300,000 over the life of your practice.

Isolyser/SMS customers pay about $40.00 per month for Sharps Disposal.

*Ingenium. Click here for the whole story.

Order Isolyer®/SMS® Today!


(for new Isolyser/SMS users, up to 2.5 years – S&H not included)

Contact us for details





You could be our next lucky $1,000 winner! A Scratcher Card is included with most WasteWise® products. Check yours Today. If you are a winner select the button below to redeem your prize!

Redeem Prize

Your purchase of WasteWise® products help turn wishes into reality! A portion of your purchase is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, allowing us to grant a NEW WISH each year.


Sharps Self-Disposal


Isolyser/SMS or SMSm – approved for sharps disposal in all 50 States. SMS is for regular trash disposal; SMSm is for mail-back.


FREE Sharps Disposal
for up to 2.5 years – S&H not included – new Isolyser/SMS users only
Contact us for details

Now Isolyser/SMS starts out Red and turns opaque when activated

Amalgam Recycling


It’s illegal for hazardous amalgam-contaminated screens and traps to be rinsed in the sink or thrown in the trash. If you REMOVE amalgam, you must properly dispose of amalgam-contaminated items.


Dental Carpule Disposal


Everything you need to properly dispose of non-hazardous, non-controlled substances, such as full and partially full dental anesthetic carpules. Includes pre-paid return shipping, treatment, and disposal.

Sharps Mail-back Disposal


Mail-back disposal of sharps.  Approved for use by USPS in all 50 States. Includes pre-paid USPS postage, treatment, and disposal.

Red Bag & Sharps Container Mail-back Disposal

Isolyser®/SMS®m 5G & 18G

Approved for use by USPS in all 50 States. Includes pre-paid USPS postage, treatment, and disposal.

X-Ray Chemistry Disposal

Chemgon® & Foilgon®

Chemgon® converts traditional x-ray waste to a non-hazardous solid waste. Foilgon® is for lead foil recycling

Cold-Sterile Disposal


Renders aldehydes non-hazardous.

Home Sharps Disposal

HSD3 Mail-back Sharps Disposal

Lowest cost home sharps disposal product – period – 3 cents per needle versus 6 cents per needle for a red sharps container which, unlike HSD3, still needs transportation, treatment, and disposal. Patented kit with ultra-compact needle clipper and storage unit safely removes and stores needles; clipper, fits in your pocket or purse. Approved for use by USPS in all 50 States. Includes everything you need.

Protected by US Patent 8,783,453