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  • "Your products are very easy to use and we love conveniently using the regular trash for disposal (you also explained that collection companies ultimately dispose of collected waste at the same disposal site as our 'regular' trash). We save a great deal of money compared to the old fashioned collection service we were using. Your support staff is excellent!!"
    ~ Sabrina, Dr. Garcia's Office
  • "We have always used your product’s, they are cost effective compared to collection service. Your products are easy to use, better for the environment, we love your products!"
    ~ Heidi, Novey Animal Hospital
  • "We were paying Stericycle $800 per year for two pick-ups per year. Thankfully our dealer salesperson recommended your products and we're grateful for his suggestion. Thanks for making such great products!"
    ~ Helen, Dental Assistant
  • "I love your Isolyser/SMS system and am thrilled when I find it in use in the clinics I consult with and recommend it to those that aren’t yet using it.  The SMS provides an economical, easy and SAFE solution for the age-old problems of sharps disposal.  We love your products and services.  Thank you and keep up the excellent work!"
    ~ Dr. Chery F. Kendrick
  • Before we switched to Isolyser/SMS sharps disposal products, we were using a traditional sharps disposal company that increased its prices every year. After feeling that we were not getting our money’s worth, we felt that we needed to investigate better options. We determined that we were paying 10 times more for traditional sharps disposal than we would pay using Isolyser/SMS. The conversion was delayed because our sharps disposal company said we had a contract, so we had to wait a few months. I suggest that every office check to see if they have a “term” contract, and, if they do, I suggest they change the term to “month to month.” As we see our office overhead rise almost monthly, it is refreshing to realize that we’ve been able to save a significant amount on this new mode of sharps management. Handling the Isolyser/SMS sharps containers is an easier process, too. There are no more interruptions by the sharps collection person and no more confusing invoices with hidden charges. We also learned that using lsolyser/SMS creates a smaller carbon footprint because each IsoIyser container is driven 100 fewer miles before disposal. It’s a smarter way of managing sharps disposal. When the IsoIyser/SMS is full, we activate it, drop it in the regular trash and order a new one from our supply company. It couldn’t be easier. I highly recommend the IsoIyser/SMS. Sincerely,  
    ~ Donald R. Hermansen, DDS
  • "As a Certified Industrial Health Nurse, working in the manufacturing arena, I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the Isolyser 2400. This product not only disinfects the needles it secures them in such a way that I feel totally confident that they will be kept safe. By contrast, the ordinary “red sharps containers” once closed and placed for pick, I am never 100 % sure that someone can not get access to the container and open it up with pliers or heavy duty cutters. With Isolyser, once you add the two chemicals and put the lid on, you see the results in 24 hours. After 24 hour, all you have is a solid block enclosing the syringes. I tell my fellow industrial nurses about this product all the time and strongly encourage the use of the Isolyser whenever possible."
    ~ Barbara Lueder, RN, BSN, COHN, PHN
  • "On-line customer service is so much quicker and efficient. This was great. Keep up the good work."
    ~ Clark F., Sales Rep
  • "I have been promoting these products to my customers for years with much success. The company is great to deal with and the products speak for themselves. It is a terrific line that everyone should take advantage of!"
    ~ Elaine M., Sales Rep
  • "This is a great way to dispose of your biohazardous waste.  It's easy, convenient and very cost-effective. You are in control of when it needs to be disposed. No contracts!"
    ~ Jamie, Dental Assistant, Dr. Mermigas
  • “We use Isolyser in our practice. It’s very convenient and allows us to dispose of sharps without hiring a waste pick-up service."
    ~ Craig Chan, DDS
  • "We love Isolyser because it's very convenient to use. The container is small enough to fit in our operatories, they look nice and don't take up too much space on our counters. It's excellent for our office!"
    ~ Maria, Dr. Scott Morton's Office
  • "We like it because it’s less expensive than hiring a pick-up company and no contracts."
    ~ Gabby, Dr. Roger Sohn's Office
  • "Isolyser is great because we don't have to set up with a pick-up company and it's convenient and so much less expensive."
    ~ Letty, Dr. Ronald Dinning's Office
  • "We thoroughly enjoy your WasteWise® products for their convenience, ease of use, environmental benefits and not having to store full containers waiting for a collection company to pick them up. Thank you from our entire office!!"
    ~ Marty, Dr. Richard G. Rosso's Office
  • "It’s great that we can order your products directly from our Dental Supply Company. Our office no longer pays expensive pick up fees! Thank you for offering recycling products."
    ~ Noemi, Bernardo Dental Arts
  • “Thank you for offering a convenient way to treat our waste in office for on-site disposal. We love that your products are simple to use and safe for our entire office.”
    ~ Margaret, Dr. Phillips' Office
  • “So much more convenient than my old waste collection service and half the price; save the cash and use the trash!”
    ~ John Hill, MD
  • “Your products are put together very well compared to others. There is no odor and are much more secure than any other product I’ve ever used."
    ~ Pam, Penn Dental Medicine Center
  • “Your Isolyser products are very convenient for our office. They are easy to use- you just dispose of into the regular trash and best of all, there's no pick up needed. We love it!”
    ~ Cecelia, Dr. Stengler's Office
  • “Thanks to your great staff for their assistance.  We love the convenience and savings of your products!”
    ~ Port Dental
  • “Your products are simple, easy to use and eliminate the storage of full containers. We no longer have collection people disrupting our practice. All of my dental/doctor friends use all of your products! Thank you for the ease of use! Whoever developed these products is Smart!”
    ~ David N. Gale, DMD
  • “Our facility has used your products for over 15 years! They are convenient and cost effective. We absolutely Recommend them to anyone for use!!”
    ~ Cherie, CNA, Genesis Medical Center
  • “Your products are much easier to use compared to any other product or service we have ever had! No mess, thank you for the convenience."
    ~ Melanie, Dr. J. Weintrub's Office
  • "From someone who had been using a pick up service for over 20 years and have easily switched to your products, we must say there Is NO COMPARISON!! Great Service, Great Products, NO PICK UP hassle."
    ~ Teri Lynge, Dr. Williams' Office
  • "Your products are so easy to use, we absolutely Love them!"
    ~ Dr. Ekaperina, Everett Dental
  • "We like your products because we know they are safer for our Environment. Your products are convenient for our practice. Thank you!!"
    ~ Janelle, Palmetto Family Dentistry
  • "Our Dental office and other Dental offices in our building found dealing with collection companies to be a huge hassle. Your products are a thousand times more convenient than collection 'service'. The information you provided on the phone was very helpful. Thank you for providing such great products and making my life easier!"
    ~ Dawn, Dr. Allen Montoya's Office
  • "Your products are economical for what it does compared to a pick up service. Your products are clean and easy to handle. And there are no inconvenient contracts."
    ~ Sharon, Dr. Aurelia's Office
  • "In each instance, the WCM products have been easy to use (actually fun!) and have saved our office money versus traditional disposal methods. These are great products!"
    ~ Richard Ram, D.M.D
  • "Your products are convenient for our small practice. We love the low cost and the fact that we can dispose of at our leisure."
    ~ Nichole, Dr. Wyatt's Office
  • "With your products we love the fact that there is "No Mess No Fuss". Your products are quick and efficient! The BEST thing that we love about your products is that you can just throw the container into the regular office trash and do not have to worry about a pick up."
    ~ Nadia, Family Dentistry of Dr. Peter Lemieux
  • "You can get rid of waste in seconds. Convenient to throw in trash and do not have to wait for a pick up. No waiting around or having to rely on anyone."
    ~ Dennise Whitehead
  • "Half the price and saves us many hours each month, too good to be true...But it is true."
    ~ Steve Stephens, DDS
  • "Awesome, great product! Thanks for the heads up. I am a new rep and have a "scratch" territory and WCM product will really help me get my foot in the door!"
    ~ Steve P., Sales Rep
  • "I used to work in a dental office so I believe in the product and sell a ton of the Isolyser's. I will make it a must to continue to talk about the product and it's other family members! Thank you for the video."
    ~ Bettie A., Sales Rep
  • "Your company is on the fringe of something very big. I am pushing this on all my clients. I have found the more you talk about this "3 or more times" the more the dentist want to change. Keep up all the good work!"
    ~ Frank T., Sales Rep
  • "This is very interesting. These products not only simplify what the office is already doing but takes care of the disposal process in an environmental friendly way. I look forward to introducing WCM's solutions to the offices I visit."
    ~ Brian E., Sales Rep
  • "I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about selling a new product! My customers have been asking for cost saving alternatives. This will not only save money but the fact you can just dispose of in the regular trash is fantastic!!"
    ~ Clark G., Sales Rep
  • "Many reps are completing this for their customers and prospective customer,  Great tool for prospecting!!"
    ~ Kelly E., Sales Rep
  • "Wonderful Product! I think this will go over very well in my territory of Western Wisconsin. Thank you for this opportunity!!"
    ~ Lacey H., Sales Rep
  • "I thought the video was great and gave me a better understanding of waste disposal and how to sell your products. Thanks!"
    ~ Kevin W., Sales Rep