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You can fill with cold sterile, glutaraldehyde, etc.


Once the container is full, use liquid or crystals to neutralize.


Either pour down the drain or throw in the trash. It’s that easy!


You Save 70% Compared To Collection Services.

“Traditional” collection service costs about $100 per 2.5 gallons. Our Product Aldex® costs about $30 per 2.5 gallons treated.

Aldex Family

Simple & Effective

Aldex® neutralizes and crosslink’s 10% formalin or up to 4% glutaraldehyde and converts it into a non-toxic, non-hazardous end-product that can be safely disposed of ‘down the drain’ with our liquid product or placed in your regular trash with our crystalline powder product.

Aldex® also reduces exposure to potentially hazardous vapor emanating from most aldehydes.

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Let Us Help

It’s That Easy!

For your convenience, our products are available exclusively from your supply company. No extra vendors interrupting your office and impacting production. A partial list of our distributor partners is available here.

Key Benefits

  • Easy To Order
  • Easy To Use
  • Compliant
  • A Lot Less Expensive
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Vendors
  • Tracking Documents Included
  • Smallest Carbon Footprint
  • "Your products are very easy to use and we love conveniently using the regular trash for disposal (you also explained that collection companies ultimately dispose of collected waste at the same disposal site as our 'regular' trash). We save a great deal of money compared to the old fashioned collection service we were using. Your support staff is excellent!!"
    ~ Sabrina, Dr. Garcia's Office


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