HSD™3 is the most cost-effective, easy to use, quality product available for the disposal of home generated sharps.


Home generated sharps is an area of growing need with most jurisdictions adopting regulations requiring this waste be properly disposed of to protect sanitation workers, the public and the environment. We recognize households generating sharps waste want to properly dispose of this waste.


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HSD™3 Mail-back Sharps Compact Clipper

$ 42.20 + tax

Safely removes and stores needles
The size of a pack of gum, holds approx. 1500 needles
Ultra-compact clipper, fits in your pocket or purse

HSD™ 4000m

$ 101.43 + tax

5.8 Liter container for large needles, lancets, and pen-needles
Holds up to 600 insulin needles
Ideal for counter top or cabinet storage


$ 178.68 + tax

For disposing of full sharps containers and red bag waste
Holds up to 7, 1 qt. containers
No loose needles