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Why Overpay for Sharps Disposal

Traditional regulated medical waste disposal companies were not designed for Small Quantity Generators (SQG) like a dental office

Over 10 years, the average office will save about $40,000. Click here to see the numbers.

Over 20 years, the average office will save about $300,000. Click here to see the numbers.

How can this happen? Here’s how as reported by Business Wire via The Motley Fool:

“A class action lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on April 3, 2013, accuses Stericycle of illegally increasing the amount it charged customers by as much as 18 percent a year.”

“According to the complaint, filed April 3, 2013, Stericycle instead raises prices automatically, programming its billing system to regularly increase rates regardless of any external conditions.”

“The named plaintiff, Lyndon Veterinary Clinic, contracted with Stericycle but saw its charges increase 21.1 percent in 2009, 17.8 percent in 2010, and 25.4 percent in 2012.”

The medical waste giant acknowledged the lawsuit in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, saying the suit comes after the company settled a similar complaint out of New York state.

“In the previous case against Stericycle, United States ex rel. Perez v. Stericycle, Inc., Perez’s supervisors routinely admitted that they were aware that Stericycle’s practices were improper with respect to the governmental accounts, yet Stericycle continued these practices with its smaller, individual clients, court documents claim.”

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WasteWise® products are less than a third the cost of traditional disposal.
Check out our Cost Comparison results below:

Isolyser/SMS customers pay about $40.00 per month for Sharps Disposal.

Key Benefits

  • Easy To Order
  • Easy To Use
  • Less Expensive
  • No Contracts
  • No Unnecessary Vendors
  • Untreated Sharps Never Leave Office
  • Smallest Carbon Footprint


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